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Why Us

A family history deeply rooted in school administrators, our firm knows what challenges our clients face and the opportunities they have.

Alexander & Company is a full-service, independent employee benefits advisory firm located in the outskirts of Atlanta. For 23 years our primary focus has been on public school systems, ranging from 30 to over 14,000 employees. Our approach to benefits is unique, as our main focus is challenging ourselves and the insurance industry by looking at everything we do through Seven Outcomes we believe every school system in America deserves.

In Their Words..

“Our employees have become empowered to take care of their benefit needs as they desire. And Alexander & Company has been there to support us every step of the way.”

– Ms. Jamie Ulrich, Finance Director, Dawson County Schools (GA)

“The products that you have produced for us are top notch and I am sooooo excited about this whole enrollment process… Thanks again for all of the hard work…that you have done to make everything perfect!”

– Sharon Campbell
, Insurance/ Acctg Clerk
, Fremont District # 25 (WY)

“Your commitment to the employees of my district exemplifies “excellence”, and I hope others will give you and your staff an opportunity to share your philosophy, your passion and your excellence with them”.

– David E. Helton, Exec. Director- Fiscal Services, Fulton County Schools (GA)

“To the Alexander & Company Team,
While remaining neutral, you have fulfilled masterfully the role of advisor, ensuring understanding of needs and available options, protecting our interests along the way. You have enabled this committee to accomplish well the task for which it was created”.

– Rebecca S., Committee Member, Wynne Public Schools (AR)

“I just wanted to let you know what a privilege it has been working with you and all the staff at Alexander & Company… Thank you for all your dedication to people and for striving to help them reach their financial goals.”

– Steve Loughridge, Director of Finance, Murray County Schools (GA)

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