Benefits, with a higher purpose


Doug Schultz


Doug Schultz was born in Atlanta and raised in the neighborhood surrounding Emory University and the CDC. His interest with computers and technology began early by programming text adventure games on the Apple computers in his middle school.

He attended the University of Oregon to study creative writing and literature before returning to Georgia to begin a career in benefits technology. Doug began with designing a claims paying system for a unique type of dental insurance plan called Direct Reimbursement before moving into the emerging discipline of web-based benefits enrollment technology.

In 2003 Doug joined Dale Alexander to establish the benefits technology division at Alexander & Company. Today, this technology division has grown into one of the most knowledgeable and respected group of benefits technologists in the industry and are often asked to act as consultants to insurance carriers, enrollment technology providers and other technology companies.

Doug lives in the mountains of Northern Georgia with his son Parker, and dog Sera. In his downtime, Doug tries to unplug from technology by tending a garden and orchard in the relative seclusion of the Appalachian foothills.