Benefits, with a higher purpose


Karen Young


Karen has worked in the insurance industry since 1989. Her experience comes from working as Insurance Coordinator for 1000 lives employer, Representative for an Insurance Company and Insurance Broker. You could say she has knowledge from all three sides of the table. Some would say that is good, but some might say three sided tables sit in a corner.

Lots of people do not set out to work in the benefit industry, they just fall into that field. That is exactly how it happened for Karen. Alexander & Company’s mission is what makes her proud to work in this field. Promoting basic financial planning through employee benefits. We do that by creating environments where people are comfortable and find it easy to make their best decisions.

Karen’s team works with Clients to help develop a vision for your benefits, define your goals and ensure a smooth transition from current benefit portfolio to new portfolio. The team will be your partner to review your benefits, make recommendations of any changes that will better serve financial success of benefits as well as provide support and assistance through the year.

In Karen’s spare time she loves to hike, attend small venues with live music and most important time with family and friends.