Benefits, with a higher purpose

Gina Ortiz, MBA


Gina Ortiz, was born and raised in Northern California. Her greatest passion lies in loving people through their thought paths and helping them to challenge the limitations they’ve caged themselves in. From the early stages of childhood, she was driven and passionate about achieving success at high levels. She earned her Girl Scout Silver Award at the age of 15 and that’s when she realized execution and accomplishment was a huge part of her makeup.

Gina pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management with an emphasis in Psychology and went on to attain her Master’s degree in Business Administration. Gina always new she had an investigative mind, a deep interest in technology and always wanted to learn more about the inner-workings of our cognitive processes. Her role today allows her to marry all those aspects in a very balanced and desired way.

In Gina’s spare time she enjoys working out at Crossfit and Barry’s Bootcamp. She also has made it a dedicated practice to actively volunteer on the Suicide Prevention Line. She finds the most value in helping people through their challenges and encouraging them to believe that they can become the best version of the person they were birthed here to be!