Benefits, with a higher purpose

Jed Wible


Jed is a native of Virginia who came to Atlanta by way of the College of Charleston with a degree in Anthropology.

He began working in the world of software engineering in 1997 working with Electronic Data Interchange purchase orders between Norrell Staffing and IBM. From there he worked for American Software in Atlanta delving deeper into the world of EDI on a project converting programs from a mainframe computer to a midrange AS400 system.

In 2000 He moved to Charleston working for as one of the original 20 employees. There he was responsible for EDI development, operations, testing, and deployment to various Blue Cross and Blue Shield entities around the country.

After several years of the “dot com” lifestyle Jed decided to move into a more family oriented work environment and worked on a short term project at the Space and Naval Weapons System Center Charleston while planning to relocate to Atlanta.

Serendipitously he was contacted by a former co worker who knew of an insurance broker near Atlanta with a very family oriented work ethic who happened to be in need of someone with experience in EDI. In 2005 Jed moved to Atlanta working for Alexander and Company where he has been ever since.

As a resident of intown Atlanta he spends his free time dodging cars and potholes cycling through the local streets.